Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can buy directly from us without an account. Please call or email us first to make sure we have your preferred product in-stock and available.
Call: (01) 447 5975 or email:

We accept payment by bank transfer, cleared cheque or bank draft and cash. We do not accept any card payments (debit or credit) for gold purchases.

Yes, we use the Live spot price of gold and add or subtract the premium applicable to the bar or coin you wish to buy or sell.

You can collect your bullion at our high-security facility in Dublin city centre. All insurance and shipping fees are included in our prices for delivery to/collection from our high-security facility. We can arrange delivery to a number of locations in Dublin at your request. Please call our team to discuss any delivery requests. Tel: (01) 447 5975

Most orders are ready for collection within 3 working days. Please allow 3-5 working days to avoid any disappointment. Occasionally we have stock available and ready to purchase on the spot or over the counter. Call us to enquire about our in-stock special offers. Tel: (01) 447 5975

Yes, you can join our VIP Special Offer mailing list – this is simply an email that will go out to you when we have special offers available. These offers are greatly discounted offers – if you see something you would like to buy; just call us – if you do not want to buy anything on the special offer; just ignore the email and wait for the next one.

Yes, Core Bullion Traders offer a buy-back service – we give you preferential rates if you have bought the products from us originally.

Simply deliver the products to us and once we verify and test the products we will give you a live buy-back price. There is no cost to you for the testing and no damage to the products during testing.

Core Bullion Traders have an 8-Level in-house testing setup. All gold that comes into, or out of our company, is fully tested to the industryʼs highest standards. Added to this is the fact that we only deal with or buy from, LBMA Approved refineries (London Bullion Market Association).

All our gold bars and coins are investment grade solid gold products. The premium on each product is dependent on many factors such as the mining, minting and refining costs of the product – the desirability and availability of the product and the collectible desire of the product. Because of these factors, coins generally command a higher premium than bars. Therefore unless you are a coin collector or wish to start a coin collection, bars will normally be the more economical option.

This is dependent upon many factors – and really is a personal preference.  The best option for you is to call or email our team with your query and we will give you the best precious metals advice for your requirements and budget.  We offer this advice on a no-commitment basis and we are always happy to assist you with your enquiries. Call: (01) 447 5975 or Email:

Yes, you can pay Core Bullion Traders for your products with £Sterling, $US Dollar or €Euro. Please note a nominal F/X fee will be added to cash payments made in £Sterling or $US Dollar. You can also pay from a £Sterling or $US dollar bank account into our F/X account with a discounted F/X rate lower than most banks.

We have many years experience in precious metals buying and selling. We are part of a larger precious metals group ensuring the very best premiums and products. All gold is tested on-site through our 8-level testing setup. We aim to educate our clients and will always offer you the best (no commitment) precious metals advice. We have a physical presence in or high-security facility in Dublin city centre. We love what we do!

Yes, under certain conditions we will buy scrap gold and silver. Please note we DO NOT pay cash for gold or silver – any and all payments will be made by bank transfer into your bank account. To begin the process to sell scrap gold or silver to us please email us a photo of the items you wish to sell and a copy of valid photo ID (drivers licence or passport) on receipt of these we will contact you.

Notice of Non-Affiliation with GoldCore

 Core Bullion Limited trading as Core Bullion Traders is a private company limited by shares incorporated on 3 March 2020 (Company no: 667769) whose registered office is at 78 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Core Bullion Traders is not in any way affiliated, associated or connected with GoldCore.


1 oz Umicore gold Bullion
1oz Gold Bullion Bar
Credit Suisse 100g Fine gold Bullion
100 gram Gold Bullion Bar
Krugerrand gold coin
1oz Gold Krugerrand Coin
Canadian 1/4 oz gold coin
1oz Gold Canadian Maple Coin